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 In addition to comprehensive evaluations for autism and other developmental and mental health needs, we now offer the following types of diagnostic evaluations for learning:

Dyslexia (Reading Disorder/Disability)

Dyscalculia (Math Disorder/Disability)

Dysgraphia (Disorder of Written Expression)

All evaluations include the following components:

  • Records review (as needed)

  • Intake form

  • Brief measure of Intellectual Functioning (e.g., KBIT-2 Revised)

  • Academic achievement in areas of concern (e.g., KTEA-3, WIAT-4)

  • Neuropsychological functioning related to academic areas of concern (e.g., FAR, FAM, FAW, etc)

  • Standardized Measure of Executive Functioning (e.g., BRIEF-2)

  • Rating scales specific to learning

  • Scoring and interpretation of assessment results

  • Written report with medical diagnosis and recommendations (as appropriate)

  • Feedback session with licensed psychologist via telehealth

  • Superbill provided for possible insurance reimbursement

The analysis and interpretation of data, report, and feedback are completed by Dr. Fry.  The administation and scoring of various assessment tools used in the learning evaluations are conducted by technicians who are Masters level special education teachers trained and supervised by Dr. Fry. 

                                         Learn more about the technicains by clicking here.

These learning evaluations only answer the question of whether or not a specific learning disorder is present.  If other mental health disorders are suspected, or you are needing futher evaluation for other reasons, you will receive a list of local providers to contact.

Total cost of learning disorder evaluations:

  • 1 specific area of learning (e.g., reading, math, or written expression)

  • 2 or more areas of learning will include additional costs based on the number of total number of hours of service.

  • Other evaluation and testing services are billed at $200/hr

In-person appointments for the direct testing portion of the evaluation is typically 2 hours for one academic area with additional time spent on non-face-to-face activities (scoring, interpreting, written report, etc,).  Assessing multiple areas is typically divided into two separate appointments (3 – 4 hours total in-person time).

Full payment for the evaluation is required at time of initial service:  We accept the following methods of payment for these types of evaluations:


  • Check

  • Cash

  • Credit cards (MC, Visa, Amex, Discover)


Note:  Medicaid and most commercial insurance companies do not consider learning disorder evaluations as “medically necessary” and therefore do not cover the costs.  However, you will be provided with a superbill in case you would like to submit the claim to your insurance for possible reimbursement.  Also be aware that if you or anyone else suspects that your child may have a learning disability, you have the right to request an evaluation at no cost through your local school district. 


Although our evaluations are comprehensive and lead to specific, research-based interventions for learning, school districts have their own policies and procedures to determine disability and are only required by law to consider information from outside sources in their special education process.

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